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About the CUS project

About the project 2006-2007

Project in Valga Gymnasium.

1.The questionnaire about stress and stress symptoms.  We created one additional page for all our students to answer.

  What causes stress for students?http://www.eformular.com/valgakeeleope/stressiuuring.html the answers were sent to class teacher´s e-mail address and the analysis took place in class teachers´ s lesson.

2.For 11th and 12th formers was offered a lecture „ Efficient time before the exams” When students know how to prepare yourself to the exams, it would surely help to cut down stress.

3.All the students from forms 10-12 wrote the essays „ Should smoking be banned?” Later in lessons it was talked about the problems.

4.Our school doctor visited all the classes and talked about drinking and smoking What we should know about the problems.

5.In class teacher´s lessons mind maps were written, what causes stress and how to avoid it? This work was really interesting, colourful posters helped students to understand what is important in their lives.

6. In psychology lessons all the students watched the film CLASS, a new Estonian film about school violence. Discussions after the film were organised by the teacher.

 7. The first week of March the project week was organised at school. Posters about Austria, Spain and France, exhibitions.

Students who went to Metz in October 2006 talked about the week they spent there. Food of these three countries was introduced. The article in out local newspaper about that week.

8.May 15th 2007, the exhibition of the Socrates projects of Valga County will take place. Powerpoints about different projects, photos, pictures , different materials about the school projects.

9. The article in a local newspaper " Efficient time before the exams". 



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